Hello all!

For my first Tell a Tail Thursday I thought why not share a little about my own fur baby. This is our two year old German/retriever Ada. We got her a little over a year ago from an elderly lady that couldn’t take care of Ada and her brother any longer.

When I first met Ada I was a few month pregnant with my Daughter. I was nervous and so excited to meet her! I had always wanted a German Shepherd because they’re known for being loyal, protective, and oh so smart! As I approached her for the first time she barked and growled. At that moment I almost turned right around and passed on her. I had a three year old’s safety to think about. And a growing fetus! I paused a moment to recall a few nights prior to this moment when I laid in bed terrified because someone was banging on my front door at 3 am! I have awful anxiety problems and after that incident I decided a dog was the answer. A dog would let me know of any danger outside. A trained one would know what to do.

With that night in mind, I reach my hand out to allow her to smell me. She still gave me intimidating   warning signs to back off her territory and I wasn’t going to push her to accept me. All of a sudden my three year old son comes charging out of my car straight for this giant, aggressive dog! My heart stopped for a moment and I tried to grab him as he ran past me but I missed him.

He stood inches from her face and she immediately sat. The lady holding the leash told Logan it was okay to touch her and she licked his hand and seemed to LOVE the hug he gave her. After witnessing this I tried to approach her again. This time she got in front of Logan and gave me some warnings to back off which scared Logan and he came running into my arms.

I suppose Ada saw this and realized I was a safe person because she slowly approached me. I stood still and let her do her thing before reaching out to touch her again. She accepted my extended hand, allowing me to touch her for the first time. I was still a little uneasy about bringing her home but decided to give her a chance before her owner took her to the pound.

I brought her home and she fit right in! This was her first night home. 936085_10153080075052154_3456740180722264265_n

Ada and my son curled up on the couch. Those two became instant friends. Inseparable ones at that! Now getting her to accept my boyfriend was a nightmare! For WEEKS she would lose it if he got too close to me or Logan. Almost bit him twice! Of course she warmed up to him and has proved time and time again how loving and patient she really is. She stopped Logan from running into the street by knocking him over (gently of course). As I got bigger and acquired a sciatic nerve problem, she would pull me off the couch by allowing me to grasp her harness and slowly back up. And never has she ever let a stranger approach us without her/our approval.

I definitely got the perfect guard dog.  A dog that loves my family and has shown just how much she cares and appreciates us. We love you Ada!

Tell me about your furry best friend!



2 thoughts on “Ada

  1. This is such a sweet story. I love how our Fur babies Enrich our lives in so many ways. I had always been a cat person until 10 years ago a black lab mix came into my life. I only had her for 4 years when she passed away. She was very loving and protective over her family.


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