You saw my sweet baby last week, but here she is again!

Hi Ada!

Ada has been such a loving dog and it saddens us to know that we have not protected her as well as she has protected us. So many people are uneducated on the seriousness of heartworms in dogs so I wanted to share some insight on it today.

Heartworms are twelve inch worms that are transferred by mosquito’s. A mosquito bites an infected animal, sucking up larva along with blood. Once that mosquito bites another animal the larva is deposited where the worm will enter through the bite wound and make its way to the heart and lungs. Read more about its severity  here. Heartworms are PREVENTABLE by inexpensive monthly pills. However by not giving your pup the preventatives you are putting your pet at risk and at that point causes a very expensive treatment. Here you can read about the costs that I can personally vouch for.

Ada was diagnosed with heartworms about six months ago. We assumed something was up when she was rapidly loosing weight and became slightly less active. Our back yard was infested with mosquito’s but we didn’t understand just how easy it was for a dog to contract heartworms. Especially since she was only outside for walks or to go potty. A trip to the vet confirmed what we feared and we began treatment. Treatment for heartworms is very pricey so an alternative is to give your pup medication that enables the worms to further affect the dog. unfortunately it does not kill them.

She is still affected but we hope to soon get rid of these deathly worms once and for all in the next few years. Love your fur babies. Protect them from getting this awful disease. Stop these mosquito’s from killing!


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