I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! I have enjoyed seeing how my friends celebrated on Facebook. My love and I certainly enjoyed. We celebrated on Friday. Our Son stayed with his Mimi and our Daughter stayed with her Aunt. The house was all to ourselves! I sent Andrew on a scavenger hut to find clues to the romantic, private spa I set up in the comfort of our own home. The room was lit by the light of burning candles. We each gave and received massages using a special hot wax ( which was amazing and I definitely recommended). We finished by rinsing off in a large bubble bath for two and a sugar scrub. Needless to say we both were relieved of our day to day stress if only for a night and it was GREAT.

That’s until the moment we realized we were not actually alone.

While we soaked in the warm bubbles, sipping our wine, and taking in the silence, we heard a male voice call out “Someone up here?”. We quickly dismissed it when we figured it must have come from the outside. We had a window open to air out some of the heat. The dog was going crazy downstairs, but she always does when someone comes in hearing distance of the house. We brushed it off and finished our quiet time.

After we drained the water, wrapped ourselves up in towels, and walked into the hall of our upstairs we were hit by a very cold gust of wind.  A glance down the stairs revealed the outside, our front door wide open. I can’t speak much for Andrew but panic swiftly took over all feeling of relaxation I had just felt. We took a minute to listen and heard nothing. We quietly walked down the steps to shut the door and called for Ada (our dog). She was acting very strange,cowering. Not like her. she followed us room to room and cleared them for us, nose to ground. Nothing was missing or out of place. So we dismissed her and went back to our room to get dressed.

Not too long after we heard the same male voice AGAIN underneath us. Andrew rushes for the shotgun in the next room and I silently listen for anymore noises or movements. I hear nothing. which is almost scarier than hearing something, anything at this point would have been nice. My mind of course was going to worse case scenarios. I was so very thankful in those moments that the kids were else where.

I hear Andrew cock the shotgun, my eyes her wide, heart pounding outside of my chest, praying that the next sound I hear is not the gun firing off.  What I do hear is a car screaming down the road and coming to a halt in front of our house. I peek out the window to see Andrews dad running up to our door, I called down the steps to warn Andrew his dad was coming in. From there his dad, retired military, did a sweep through the entire house and found nothing.

To this moment we still have no idea what went on that night while we celebrated our Valentines Days together. We don’t know if our door somehow was opened by wind and a man walking by hollered up to see if anyone was home and was frightened by the dog. We don’t know if a man opened the door himself, planning on taking stuff but was frightened by the dog. Nor do we know if the voice we heard was just a neighbor talking outside.  But I do know I’m  sure losing sleep listening to sounds. Last night I even shot up out of a dead sleep and darted down to the front door to make sure it was locked. Needless to say our Valentines Day was certainly one we won’t soon forget.

What encounters or close calls have you had with an intruder? 


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