If The World Were Blind

The other night, after all the kids were asleep and I got my quiet time with a glass of wine, I had a random thought.

If I had to choose, would I rather be blind or deaf? 

If I were blind I wouldn’t be able to see the faces of my beautiful children. If I were blind I wouldn’t be able to see the excitement on Logan’s face when he builds something he’s proud of. I wouldn’t be able to see Amelia’s eye widen when she experiences something new for the first time. I’d never know how beautiful life is! But that’s just the physical stuff.

 I were deaf, I would never know Logan’s sweet voice calling me mamma or Amelia’s cries. I’d never know what it’s like to be able to get lost in the sound of music and feel the emotions it can bring or release.

I could go on and on about the negatives of being blind or deaf but then I wondered how this world would be different if we ALL were blind…

If the world were blind I think we might all actually be closer. Being accepted or ridiculed for the physical appearance would no longer be an issue. Bullying solved! No social media or internet to rip relationships apart or tell you you aren’t pretty enough in this society.  Hatred of ones self because they don’t look like Malibu Barbie, gone. There would be no one to compare you’re looks to. How could you be self-conscious with nothing to visually compare yourself to?

People would fall in love with the beauty of ones mind. Their thoughts, opinions, morals, beliefs, etc… That would be all that mattered. No more hatred or violence to witness. Now of course there would still be the Negative Nancy’s. Life wouldn’t be perfect. But no one would be buried in their phones and missing life because well, they wouldn’t be able to see the screen. Verbal communication would once again be the primary form of communication and I for one would love that. I hate having a conversation with someone who can’t look away from their phone or put it down long enough to share a meal! When I think about the world being blind I feel so much peace. I think it would be a beautiful thing.

If the world were blind do you think our lives would be better?


Sleep On This

We’ve all heard the Common saying “Never go to bed angry,” But should you?

I use to believe that going to bed angry was actually beneficial. When you and your significant other are overly heated things might be said that you don’t mean and unfortunately you cant take them back once they’re said. Much like Carrie Underwood sings in Little Toy Guns, I’m sure we all have been in a situation where we wish words were just a bang bang rolling off our tongues. No sting, to hurt, no damage done. Unfortunately that’s not the case and I know that when I’m angry enough things just come out. As immature as it sounds sometimes you want the other person to feel how they made you feel. So, instead of hashing it out in the heat of the moment I’d rather go to bed and calmly discuss the dispute in the morning after a nights rest. Once upon a time it use to be so easy to go to bed without resolving the issue. I’d wake up feeling refreshed and like nothing had ever happened.

However, After two kids and life, going to bed angry is nearly impossible now a days. Day’s will pass with nothing resolved putting a one brick a day between you and your significant other. Another argument arises. nothing is resolved. Add three bricks a day. This pattern will continue till you and your partner have nothing but a brick wall between you. And let me tell you that that wall is a lot harder to chip away than if the two of you would have taken five minutes to cool off in separate rooms and tried communicating through the problem again. It can really end a great relationship.

I read a few articles that either agreed or disagreed with going to bed angry. The common marriage myths is one that believes going to bed angry can be beneficial. The writer believes that couples should take six seconds to kiss and say goodnight, pushing the argument aside till after both have had a nights sleep and calm mind. He also says that to ensure he conflict doesn’t get pushed under the rug to set aside a “meeting” to discuss things you loved about the other during the week and things that bothered you. Now I don’t believe that I agree with his point of you on this. I understand and can appreciate his view, but that doesn’t always work for me. BUT he addresses many great suggestions on how to keep your relationship healthy and I encourage everyone to read it.

Another article that I read is on the five consequences of going to bed angry. This writer believes that going to bed with unresolved issues is absolutely detrimental for any relationship. He talks about the wall that is put between couples by not working through conflict as it occurs. Which is just what I previously talked about. He also talks about though getting a good nights rest may be beneficial in reaching common grounds, does it really do any good when you wake up feeling just as upset as the night before? That’s not a fresh start. It also sends the message that you would rather be right and win than try to understand one another. All of which puts a block on intimacy and though some may disagree, having an intimate connection it vital in a relationship.

What do you think? Does going to bed angry work in your relationship? 


My Weekly Post!

I will be posting three blogs a week!

True-Blue Tuesdays: A day designated to life, love, and anything true. I welcome debates and all different point of views. I want to know how YOU feel on these topics.

Wine-full Wednesdays: Because the best thoughts are those after a nice big glass of wine! Something silly to get you through the last half of your week. 

Tell a Tail Thursdays: I don’t know about you, but i sure love to end my week (last working day of the week for me) on a sweet, peaceful note. Whats more sweet than a story about one of Gods amazing creatures?